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Azana Counseling is your partner in healing through life's adversities.

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We understand your struggle.

Life can often feel like a storm, leaving you lost amid waves of anxiety, depression, addictions, or the lasting echoes of trauma. The path can seem even more daunting when you're navigating major life transitions, such as divorce, health concerns, or career changes.

At Azana Counseling, we understand these struggles. We recognize the heavy burden they can place on your shoulders, casting shadows over your joy, peace, and overall life satisfaction. You might feel alone in your struggle, but remember, these feelings are part of the human experience. They are not a sign of weakness, but rather a call for support and care.

Meet your guide.

Rosanna Gustafson, the guiding force behind Azana Counseling, is a Licensed Clinical Therapist with a potent blend of professional expertise and genuine empathy. Shaped by her own personal trials through cancer, a struggling marriage, and life transitions, she's dedicated to helping others navigate their own storms. Her commitment to individuals and couples is to help them discover resilience, peace, and joy. With Rosanna, you're more than a client—you're a partner in a shared healing journey.


Your path to wholeness.

Embarking on the healing journey can be daunting, but at Azana Counseling, we strive to transform this process into an accessible and comforting experience. More than therapy, we offer a partnership, a shared journey marked by warmth, empathy, and non-judgment towards your best life. Here's how we guide you on your path to healing:

  1. 1

    Start with a free 20-minute consultation.

    Discover a safe space to share your story and understand how Azana can support you.

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    Develop a personalized treatment plan.

    Post consultation, we create a plan tailored to your unique needs, incorporating proven therapeutic approaches such as ACT, CBT, and Narrative Therapy.

  3. 3

    Embark on a journey together.

    We foster a supportive environment that encourages healing, growth, and the reclamation of joy.

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  • “I’ve been working with Rosanna off and on for several years now, and always find her to be incredibly helpful. Her objectivity and insight opens me up to discovering new things about myself and my world. I especially appreciate her belief in my strengths and my abilities and the refreshing way, she asks questions inspiring me to find answers and solutions to whatever I am exploring in my life.”
    Lezli P.
  • “I have grown working with Rosanna. As one who has struggled with early childhood trauma and then the trauma of serving our country in wartime, I suffered from PTSD. She worked diligently with me to reveal the impact of all the lies I believed about myself and the world. I never knew I could feel so free.”
    Michael P.

Don't let the shadows linger.

The weight of anxiety, depression, trauma, and life transitions can cast long shadows, diminishing joy. Seeking help is a vital step to break the cycle of suffering and reclaim your peace. You don't have to walk this path alone; Azana is here to guide you back to wholeness.

Start your journey towards healing with Azana today!